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#1046240 - 04/09/01 04:31 AM Introductions?
Dave Bryce Administrator Offline
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Welcome to the Keyboard Corner!

Please use this thread to tell us about yourself. If you're so inclined, take some time and read through it - it's a way interesting chronicle of KC members past and present.


rockit ==> David Bryce MusicFunky Young Monks <==rawk

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KC Island
#1046241 - 04/09/01 07:30 AM Re: Introductions?

One, two, testing, one, two.

Is this mic on?

Ok, I'll start the introductions.

My name is Robert and I'm 35 years young guy from Sweden.
(this feels like AA-meeting)
I'm playing keyboards in a coverband.
The band started in -82 (with the same members as today) but back then it was our own songs in rock style.
In the beginning of -90 we converted to covers and by that started to earn some money.

I started with keyboards in the late -70ies and the first one was a organ called Phillinette (I think) and a Roland SH-5.
Through the years I have had something like 25 different keyboards but have settled now with Kurzweil K2500 and K2000.

I also (like everyone??) have my own home studio, and it's based around a Korg D16 and Cubase VST.

Usually there is a list of gears also, so here it comes:

Kurzweil K2500
Kurzweil K2000
Yamaha DX7 ( actually I like it, but rarely use it)

Tc electronic Triple C
Behringer Autocom pro
Digitech Studio quad4
Behringer Ultragain pro
Behringer Virtualizer
Art Dual levelar
Alesis Qudraverb+
2 Patchbays
Samson 16 ch mixer (only for live use)

Sound Modules:
Alesis D4
Emu proformance

Sennheiser MD441
Behringer B2

So, that's about it.
Any questions from the audience?


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#1046242 - 04/09/01 10:19 AM Re: Introductions?
b_3guy Offline
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Loc: Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Hi, my name is Steve & I, too am a keyboard, music, live gigging, recording junky. I'm 45 & take what ever crappy money I get playing part time & take it to the local music store to get another fix of more gear, persuing that alusive music high. My passion is Hammond & synth playing but I play piano & other sounds because its expected of me. Played full time until I was 28.

Live Rig
Hammond XK-2 w/ Tube MP, Alesis QS-8, Korg MS 2000 (stage size permitting), Yorkville Block K100, Leslie 145
Home Rig
Hammond B-3, Wurlitzer, Roland JV1010, Digital Performer 2.7 on a Mac G-3 Powerbook, Soundcraft Folio Notepad Mixer

#1046243 - 04/09/01 12:54 PM Re: Introductions?
Bauer Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 03/25/01
Posts: 34
Loc: Täby, SWEDEN
Hello everyone!

My name is Lennart (that's Leonard in english!), live in Sweden and I'm 35 but feeling a lot younger. I've been playing since kindergarten, started with the violin, wich I never got very good at.
Turned to synthezisers about 1980, and bought a Korg MS20. I played in a band here, never earned much money. We recorded a record wich actually got some air-time, but the band broke up and I went to a career in computers.
Playing music is much more fun, though. If I could, I would quit my job.

Ok, my equipment (if I remeber it all):

Korg KARMA with MOSS option
Korg T1
Korg DS-8
Poly Moog
Korg MS-20 (still using it)
Korg Delta
Korg DSS-1

Roland XV-3080
Korg Triton Rack

Korg D1600
Fostex Line Mixer

Cubase 5.0 VST/32
Cakewalk 9
RME Hammerfall card

I have some more equipment wich I don't use right now. Funny how nearly all keyboards are Korgs...

Thats it!
Dr. Bauer

#1046244 - 04/09/01 01:35 PM Re: Introductions?
JerryA Offline
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Loc: New England
Ok, I'll dive in.

I am Jerry Aiyathurai, a 38 year old management consultant with a love for music. Born in Sri Lanka, lived in Singapore, now in Dallas. Started out doing classical piano, did a little classical organ and then got seduced by popular music. Never returned to classical study, though I still play favorite pieces occasionally. I use a piano and a couple of synths at home. I also play in a church band and have tons of fun doing it.

My musical soft spots are romantic composers and impressionists, as well as jazz and rock. I love to write music of all sorts, though I am usually a servant of a particular cliche or idiom at any point in time. At the moment I am trying to figure out if I can connect these disparate musical influences into music that is relevant to some group of people AND interesting to me.




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#1046245 - 04/09/01 01:53 PM Re: Introductions?
Dave Bryce Administrator Offline
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My thanks to Robert, Steve, Lennart and the Tusk-man for getting the ball rolling. Glad to have you guys here!


rockit ==> David Bryce MusicFunky Young Monks <==rawk

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#1046246 - 04/09/01 03:10 PM Re: Introductions?
jdonnici Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 11/25/00
Posts: 55
Loc: Westminster,CO,UNITED STATES
Let's see here... my name is Jeff Donnici, I'm 31 and started with music lessons at about 7 years. The common theme for me has been piano/keyboards, though I played trumpet, baritone, mellophone, and trombone at various times while I was in school. I picked up guitar for a while there... just enough to strum out some chords and have a new respect for great guitarists.

A couple years ago, I got the itch to learn how to play drums. I've been taking lessons for a year and a half or so and am finally starting to "feel comfortable" behind the set with a pair of sticks... I've got a *long* way to go still, especially the whole 4-way independence thing, but I'm enjoying the challenges a lot. Since I read music well already, I get frustrated in that I can easily read what I should play, but the hands and feet don't cooperate -- learning to walk all over again.

Gear... like most here, I enjoy the hunt for that new piece of gear that will make all the difference. I've tapered off on the G.A.S. since last year when our daughter was born (though she loves to sit on my lap and bang on the piano).

I've played around in various bands at different times, with different instruments. That's always fun for a while if everyone is on the same page. I've really got no desire to pursue the rock star thing at all... I'm quite content to hang out in my home studio and do the solo "mad scientist" thing with friends stopping by occasionally to make noise with me.

My closet desire, however, is to score films. If paying the mortgage and putting food on the table weren't so difficult to do in that line of work, I'd be all over it. I just love anything having to do with music in the movies. If I were to win the lotto or something, I'd love to just go to a local film school and offer to score student projects for nothing.

On to the gear....

Alesis QS8 (w/ the Euro card and a loaded up SRAM card for patches), Emu Proteus 2000, Roland JV-2080 (Orch, Orch II, Vocal, World, and Techno expansion ROMs), Kawai K1 (gathering dust in a corner)

Not quite a synth, but another major sound source is the Roland V-Drums Pro Set... that's the ONLY kind of drum set my wife and daughter would share the house with.

Roland VS-1680 w/ FX, Mackie HR842 Active Monitors, Mackie 1642 Mixer, miscellaneous patch bays, etc., Alesis Wedge, Alesis 1630 (?) Stereo Compressor/Limiter, A.R.T. Tube Preamp/Compressor (model no. is escaping me)

I work on a Dell PC, 80GB hdd, 256MB RAM, Win98se
Echo Gina audio interface, Opcode Studio 128x MIDI interface
Cakewalk Pro Audio (Sonar got installed this weekend)
Acid Pro 2.0, Sound Forge 5.0, GigaSampler, Rebirth 2.0

Current wishlist items are a Triton Rack (or the Pro-X, I'm not picky), the Roland VP-9000, and a digital mixer. Pipe dream items would have to be the new Mackie 24-track recorder, a Mackie D8B, maybe a Pro Tools rig, the Kurzweil 2600... heck, I could go on forever.

There ya go... if I can be of any help to anyone, just holler. Oh, and I've got a little web site I set up a while ago for the Emu Proteus 2000. You can reach it at There's also a free mailing list for people to talk about Proteus 2000 issues.

-- jeff

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#1046247 - 04/09/01 05:12 PM Re: Introductions?

Originally posted by Bauer:

Playing music is much more fun, though. If I could, I would quit my job.

Don't we all....

Funny how nearly all keyboards are Korgs...

Are you sponsored by Korg???
Anyway, I'm glad to see more Swedish pals here.
Välkommen ombord.


#1046248 - 04/09/01 05:33 PM Re: Introductions?

My name is Rod, I'm 29 and I'm a production manager at a telecommunication devices company, currently living in bay area, CA. Work with music whenever I have free time. Didn't get into recording until about a year ago. Wouldn't have it any other way, though. I like my job, engineering in general,and it helps me buy nice gear :-)

Grew up in Brazil (lived in Spain and Germany somewhere in between; and eventually made my way here) where I had my 1st cover band (high school). 1st synth was a poly 800 (laugh it up, but owning this was quite an achievement). A year later my dad managed to sneak a korg ds-8 pass customs (import taxes would have been over 100%). Original education was in an organ. Currently taking piano lessons (about time)

Currently just writing and playing for fun. Planning to go back to school part time so it's unlikely I'm be able to play again live anytime soon :-(
Maybe when I retire I can start playing again full time...

My current gear:

-Yamaha CS-6x; Kurzweil PC88mx; Alesis QS6 (w/ Vintage Synths card); Kawai K1 (also building up dust; will probably look for a school or something to donate it to) Emu ESi32, Kurzweil k2000 (on loan, I'll probably buy it from the guy since I love the instrument)

-SR-16 drum machine, Lexicon MPX-100; Rolls mixer, Kawai MAV-8 Patchbay, Alesis RA100, Alesis Monitor 1, PII 300 MHz, CW PA9, Soundforge 4.5


#1046249 - 04/09/01 05:35 PM Re: Introductions?
StevieB_dup1 Offline

Registered: 12/10/01
Posts: 2
Loc: Hoffman Estates,IL,UNITED STAT...

I'm StevieB, a thirty-eight year old electronic music experimenter from Canada. I have been composing Electronic Music since 1989 when I bought my first music computer - an Atari 1040st - but I have been playing music for much longer than that. I first started playing keyboards in a Punk band in 1978. Since then I have been in various bands playing all different styles, from Rock to Country to New Wave... but mostly Rock. I have been a solo act since 1988 when I moved from the stage to the studio and started getting more involved in the composing and recording end of things. I've been running a project studio called - Alcove Studio - in my home for over tens years now. I've also been actively involved in the various music communities that are scattered around the net and have been using as a host for my tunes for over two years. I used to have three other projects up at MP3c - a Trance project, an Remixes project, and a Classic Electronica project - but in light of recent changes to their (MP3c) business model, I have reduced my musical offerings to just one project now. The Tranceversions is still there, but no new material has been added for a long time.

Right now the mainstay of my quiver is my very dark, very spacey, very ambient, very experimental (((stereofect))) project.

The main focus of the (((stereofect))) project is the creation of soundscapes and sonic experiments through the manipulation of found sounds. I create deep space ambient works that act as backdrops or wallpaper. Some are created to add ambience to situations, some are created to act as musical interpretations of fact and fiction while others are created simply for the purpose of manipulating the listener.

Some of the people who have influenced me the most are: Philip Corner, Henri Pousseur, Dick Raaijmakers, Iannis Xenakis, John Cage, Pierre Schaeffer (the father of musique concrète), Pierre Henry, and a host of other "tape music" pioneers from the 40s, 50s, and 60s have always blown me away. I also hold a lot of the modern electronic pioneers like, Tangerine Dream, Faust, Neu!, Brian Eno, Main, Autechre, FSOL, Clock DVA, Steve Reich, Klaus Schulze, Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Chick Corea and Can as influences as well.

Of course I grew up listening to a lot of Detroit Radio, and so have groups like Supertramp, Led Zep, AC DC, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Rush, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth and of course the entire Motown catalog to blame for my youth being what it was.

I seriously love all kinds of music and continue to work with a lot of different people in the area where I live. I have even helped some of them put together "demos".

Well... that should about cover it for now. Hope I haven't taken up too much of your valuable time.

I look forward to meeting you all.



#1046250 - 04/09/01 08:59 PM Re: Introductions?
Gus Lozada Offline
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Loc: Bunda Léle Studios - Mexico
Hello !

Well... I am Gustavo G Lozada. Mexican, 29 years old. Capricorn.

Industrial Engineer with a Master Degree in Businees Administration.
I do currently work in the (supposed to be) the number one Denim Manufacturing company in Mexico, as the Corporate Materials Manager... this is where I get my income to make a living.

About music... I have played keyboards since I was 6. I started playing in (cover) bands in 1986... until 1992 when I created my own electronic Pop band, TraX (hey, the name was pretty fine for Mexico). We started playing covers and did so from 1992 to 1997. Then we were forced to do a living in the real world... but music is our life. My band folks are living in different cities than mine, but we decided it was finally time to compose our own material and after that, try to get a record label to distribute our music.

I did record and produced all of our material at home, using eveything I learned by reading Keyboard Mag. (Well, I had a little extra of help by attending some classes at the MI's KIT in Hollywood)

I have worked with some fine mexican producers, basically as their "trainee" to learn a bit about the market.

We have not reached yet our goal as a band, but our team is working hard.
We do play some live gigs just for promotional purposes and to get ready just in case the big day comes...

Check out our web sites for more information and sample MP3's:

It has been a pleasure to read you all.

#1046251 - 04/09/01 10:03 PM Re: Introductions?
Jeff Klopmeyer Offline
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My name is Jeff and I'm an audioholic...

As you can likely tell by my screen name, I am indeed a TASCAM guy. Specifically, I am the head cheese of TASCAM marketing. Any time you see a TASCAM ad, or check out the TASCAM web site, or read our brochures, or see the outside of our product packages, you have me and my small team to thank or blame as the case may warrant. In any case, I am a marketing weasel and I'm proud of it. So there. Before TASCAM, I was a marketing weasel for another audio/music company, and it was there that I met our illustrious forum moderator, Dave Bryce.

Music: started on piano at 3 1/2. Started on violin at six. Guitar at seven. Cello at ten. Bass at 12. Got my first synth (Juno 60) at age 15. Although like another poster, my gear acquisition has slowed waaaaaaaay down since my son was born a couple of years ago, I still have a little studio in my home that works well for composing and getting ideas down. I have a couple of MDMs, a US-428 for interfacing audio and MIDI with my Mac, and I've been gravitating toward Cubase 5 for most of my tracking and editing. I have a QS8 with the Classical Piano QCard, an SC-55 (yes, the old Sound Canvas), an Alpha Juno-1 (why? I don't know), and have started messing with virtual synths (the Native Instruments B4 is killing me). I have a 1980 Les Paul, an '84 American Strat, a Carvin, a Charvel, a couple of acoustics and a no-name bass. I have a Marshall PCM800 amp with a 4" x 10" cabinet. Blah blah blah...a bunch of mics, verbs, multieffects and stuff. Anyway, it works.

I am 33 going on 60; my favorite color is dusky gray-blue; I am 5'11" and 160 lbs; I have a bachelors degree in music, emphasizing audio recording and music synthesis; I live near a beach; I own three cats (or perhaps they own me); I design web sites for fun when I'm not playing with music; I participate on at least five different audio and music-based forums and newsgroups; I have been with the same woman for almost 12 years.

I guess that's all. How ya like me now?

- Jeff

#1046252 - 04/09/01 10:11 PM Re: Introductions?
zvenx Offline
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Loc: Kingston, Jamaica
Let's see. Hi,
I am Richard Sven, a 37 (damn I am getting old) producer who lives in Kingston Jamaica. ANd no I hardly ever play reggae or dancehall.
Keyboards are my first instrument (actually the only one I had formal training in) but I also play Bass and Guitar.
I have a studio that I work in about 18 hours per day.
Doing mostly of late production for alternate music in Jamaica (which basically means anything but reggae or dancehall), but my productions/compostions/arrangements are truly a BLENDING of different genres. I still occasionally do jingles etc. which is how I started my professional music career.
I also play in a few bands sometimes keyboards, sometimes Bass and hopefully soon Guitar. I try to vary instruments from band to band as I hate to practice, so this forces me to get on the stage practice :-)

My ultimate goal is to score music for films. Visuals really stimulate my creativity

Gear:Roland JV-2080, S-760.
Korg M1-ex, Poly 800. (Yes I did read the thread about the Poly 800 being one of the worst synths ever, but I still love mine)
Emu Ultra Proteus.
Peavey Spectrum Synth.
Ibanez S-540, Takamine C-132S and Taylor 422-R guitars. Music Man StingRay Bass. Alesis Adat, Q2. Motu 2408 mkII. Aphex 107. Dbx 166A, 1066, 263x. Lexicon Reflex, Alex. Yamaha EMP100. Boss Se-70. BBE 462. And the the two most critical pieces of gear: Apple Macintosh computer and the late great Opcode’s Studio Vision Pro (“thanks” Gibson).

Gear on the soon to buy list: Roland XV-5080, Access Virus B.

oh and a great conversation piece, I have my Masters and was about one year from completing my PhD in Geophysics from the infamous MIT, when I gave it all up for my first love and passion, Music.

well that was a long rant. sorry !
richard sven
sound sculptist

#1046253 - 04/09/01 10:38 PM Re: Introductions?
Dave Bryce Administrator Offline
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Well, I am certainly glad I pirated this thread - it's good to "meet" you guys!

Thanks to Jeff D, StevieB, Rod, Gustavo, Jeff K (What??? You work for Tascam??? ;D ) and Richard for sounding off - glad to know you guys!

Keep 'em coming...


rockit ==> David Bryce MusicFunky Young Monks <==rawk

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#1046254 - 04/09/01 11:24 PM Re: Introductions?
Guest Room Warrior Offline
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Registered: 04/06/00
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Loc: Fort Wayne, IN USA
Hello, all. I'm Jim Bordner. I'm a keyboard and guitar player who makes a living as a self-employed composer and producer of commercial music at my little shop, Gravity Music... spot and long-form scoring, jingles, sound design for TVCs and radio, music for events, and the occasional album editing-and-mixing project (after which I always say "never again"). I write monthly for Keyboard and a column for EQ called Guest Room Warrior (hence the handle), and I learn far more than I post on these forums. I met Jeff the Tascam Guy at Summer NAMM last year and didn't get any good swag at his booth (dang it).
Jim Bordner
Gravity Music
"Tunes so heavy, there
oughta be a law."

#1046255 - 04/10/01 12:10 AM Re: Introductions?
B3Nut Offline
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Registered: 04/09/01
Posts: 1196
Loc: Mount Horeb, WI USA
I'm Todd from the cloudy-skied state of Michigan. As you can guess from my nick, my main axe is the Hammond. Don't get to gig on it much, but when I can bum a ride for the old box, I do it. :-)

I also play bass and acoustic guitar. I've been working on writing and recording here at the house, though I've done studio work for others for a good while now. I really need to get off my butt and go at it with more gusto, but so far I haven't gotten a round tuit. I had a round tuit once, but I lost it, and haven't gotten squat done since. ;-)

Everybody's been listing what they bang on, so I guess I'll chime in too...what da heck.

Yamaha S80 (I *love* this machine - best Rhodes anywhere)
Korg 01/Wfd (to play the S80's organ patches; organ sounds are hard to play from a piano action for me. The audio circuits of this thing are shot, so it's currently a MIDI controller.)
Roland M-VS1 Vintage Synths module

Roland KC300 amplifier, home of the Perpetually Blown Tweeter (the tweets in the 300's are fragile as all get out. Gonna drop a piezo in it.)

1952 Hammond B-2 (predecessor to the B-3, no percussion) with Leslie 45 equipped with later 147 amp and 2-speed motor stacks. If I can bum a ride for the rig, I prefer to take this. It isn't sounding up to snuff, though - it's in dire need of a recap and I'd like to drop a TrekII SSP-3 solid-state preamp with percussion in it. The stock preamp's power transformer is leaking voltage like a sieve. Touch organ with hands, touch lips to vocal mic, watch me light up like a Christmas tree. New transformer is unobtanium.

Here I am, an organ player, and what do I come home from the Ford dealer with? An Escort ZX2. Go figger. Blame it on the gas prices. ;->

1963 Hammond B-3, 21H and 145 Leslies
Blackface ADAT, Fostex 812 8x8 console, Nanoverb, Autocom Pro, a small assortment of mics
Fender Standard Jazz Bass with Basslines Quarter Pounders
Fender Standard Precision with TI Jazz Flats
Taylor 314ce acoustic
Rhodes Stage 73

As for music, I dig prog, jazz, blues, folk...

I play keys in a contemporary Christian art-rock/folk/blues/whatever band, and also play in a local blues band that does the nightclub thing. Some of the places are dumpy, don't like those spots, but it's a job.


Todd A. Phipps
", I'm not a Hammondoholic...I can stop anytime..." **

#1046256 - 04/10/01 12:58 AM Re: Introductions?
Graham English Offline
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Loc: Somerville, MA USA
Good evening!
My name's Graham English. I'm 29, married a year and a half now, just bought my first home in Nederland, Colorado, and converted a 3rd bedroom to a project studio. I began singing and playing sax and keys in grade school. My first records, given to me by my mom, were The Beatles White Album and a Thelonius Monk record with Charlie Rouse. Since then, it's been rock and jazz for me. Around puberty, I severely got into Prince and have infused, through countless hours of listening, his entire collection into my being. Along the way, I've learned to love music the way my lungs love air.
I'm currently playing in a 4-piece band and we're about a month and a half away from finishing a CD. It's been a couple years in the works and I'm excited, to say the least. Through the years, I've played piano for James Moody and Grover Washington, Jr. -God rest his soul, and my band has opened for Cheap Trick during their most recent tour.
I'm stuck for things to say which tells me I should shut up. Besides, I'm taking a break from programing some Trinity combis with SoundDiver so I'd better get back to it.
See ya

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++ Graham English ++
Ear Training, Songwriting Tips, and Music Theory

#1046257 - 04/10/01 01:30 AM Re: Introductions?

I'll be the village idiot and pariah. I'm 37 and am a self-taught guitarist for around 21 years having been in several bands (rock, folk, blues, pop, metal), taught, and recorded; bass player for 1-1/2 years, and am about to buy my first synth/keyboard set-up. I played seriously in college until I was 22 and then lightened up for med school and subsequent training. I'm a radiologist practing in southeast Florida specializing in MRI, CT, ultrasound, and breast imaging. ...Happily married to a super cool wife with two sons who started playing guitar and bass guitar.

My preferred musical styles are classic rock, metal, blues, and techno-rock like U2 and recent Jeff Beck. Think Hendrix, SRV, Storyville, Stones, Mike Landau, Santana, Sheryl Crow, Vai, Satriani, U2, Jeff Beck,Pink Floyd, Yes ... I'd love to compose soundtracks too.

Trying to choose gear and likely will opt for Kurzweil PC2 supplemented with a Roland XV-5080. In a couple of months I'll get a Starrs Ztar or less likely Roland GK-equipped guitar.

  • Martin D-28 herringbone (circa '60s-70s)
  • Sadowsky vintage style strat & HSH strat style
  • PRS '89 Custom & '97 Custom 22
  • ESP George Lynch tiger (must play with moose and spandex), '52 Tele copy
  • '90 Soldano SLO-100, Soldano X99 preamp, Soldano 4x12 cab, Daedelus 2x10 cab, Digital Ground Control, Palmer PGA-04 DI speaker simulator, '89 Alesis Quadraverb (<-ugh), about to get a RMC-1 or Fulltone Clyde wah

  • Sadowsky jazz 4 string fretted bass
  • Kern 777 preamp, Crown K2 power amp, Euphonic Audio 2x10 cab

  • Mac G4 733 Mhz with CD/DVD-R
  • Digi001 with Pro Tools LE 5.1
  • Digidesign Sample Cell II card, Waves Native Gold Bundle, Serato Pitch N Time, Koblo Gamma 9000(drum machine), Bomb Factory click track, McDsp Compressor Bank, Adaptec Jam

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#1046258 - 04/10/01 02:02 AM Re: Introductions?
joegerardi Offline
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Registered: 01/04/01
Posts: 2167
I'm Joe Gerardi (big surprise!) and I'm 44 years old. I am (God, I HATE this title) the Regional Information Technology Coordinator for the State of Georgia, Department of Human Resources, Office of Information Technology, Region 12, which explains why the state won't let me get business cards.

I started playing piano at the age of 5 as a result of having Asthma and living my first 5 years of life in hospital. When I got out, my parents thought that it would be something to keep me in the house and not running around like every other crazy 5 year old. It worked and it didn't: I took to it like a duck to water, but still ran around like every other crazy 5 year old.

At 14, my father, realizing I was really going to stay with it, got me an Arp 2600, a C3, and a Leslie 122 after I bugged him to death following me hearing ELP for the first time. I worked that entire summer and got my own RMI Electric Piano, and Shure Vocalmaster amp, and when the school year started, began to put together my first band, which finally came to fruition in '73. The 70's were great: You could play progressive rock and still score with the girls!

I never lost my love for classical, and when the time for college came, I auditioned for, and was lucky enough to make, Julliard. I was only able to attend for 1 1/2 years, as my mother and brothers (my parents divorced in '70) needed help with expenses, and I was old enough to work full time (my brothers were still in school) so I quit, got a full-time job, and still gigged every night I could.

I married, moved away from NY City to Buffalo NY, and continued through the 80's and 90's playing in regional touring bands. At the same time, I was working in a music store, and the owner got a Novell Network. (This was '86. It was Netware 86.) I was bit by the computer bug, and switched over to computers, and I became a Certified Netware Engineer in 92, and since '90 have been in IT management. I played out until I "retired" in 1996. What that really means is that I got tired of getting home at 5:00 in the morning, and try to get up for work at 7:00, and try to be the boss while I tried to keep my eyes open. That, and it was 18 steps up to my apartment, (My wife and I separated in '94) and carrying all that equipment up and down those stairs was a BITCH, y'know? In 1999 I moved to Savannah with my girlfriend, and I've been here since.

Currently, I'm playing an Alesis QSR module and and Oberheim DPX-1 Sample Player from a Yamaha KX-76, but that's about to change: According to, my 2nd KX-76 is due to arrive tomorrow, and then I will add a Fatar 90, 900, or 990, a Vintage Keys, and a K2000r. That should pretty much get me where I want to be with a "recreational" rig.

Sorry for rambling for so long, it's hard to cram 44 years into a few paragraphs.

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Setup: Korg Kronos 61, Roland XV-88, Korg Triton-Rack, Motif-Rack, Korg N1r, Alesis QSR, Roland M-GS64 Yamaha KX-88, KX76, Roland Super-JX, E-Mu Longboard 61, Kawai K1II, Kawai K4.

#1046259 - 04/10/01 02:16 AM Re: Introductions?
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It is truly amazing to see how many different folks from so many diverse places and backgrounds are posting here!

Jim B, Todd, Graham (my Crack's smilies brother), Jim S and Joe - thanks for poking your heads up. Nice to know you guys - thanks for taking the time to participate...


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#1046260 - 04/10/01 04:41 AM Re: Introductions?
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I feel really young now after reading all these posts...oh well. I'm Jon, 20 years old from Milwaukee WI, I am not married. I've played piano for 12 years. Studied mostly classical arrangements, but my teacher didn't focus much on theory (I'll never forgive her), but they tell me I have a fantastic ear...I have played several musicals for various institutions, I'm also gigging with a band and writing my own solo material. I just stumbled upon this site yesterday. I'm very glad I found this site! I've been in constant confusion this past year, ever since I decided its time to get a "Real Workstation". My only gear is a Yamaha PSR 630 (beginning keyboard that really helped me get off my feet). The piano sound on it is terrible...I've decided to either get a K2600 or Triton ProX. I just can't decide and I'm such a beginner with super powerful workstations...I know the musical end, but not the technical...I hope that will change...I've been reading all these threads...waveforms, programs, looping..huh?? It's all so new, its depressing...well I hope this site helps. Peace

#1046261 - 04/10/01 09:40 AM Re: Introductions?
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Ok, looks like I 'm part of the minority here. I'm a computergeek finishing off my M.Sc. degree in Electrical engineering. I'm (only) 24 years old and have been involved in making music on my computer for the last 12 years. Completely on a hobby-basis, cause I could never afford those nice synths/keyboard it appears that all of you have. Well to cut things short, I've recently(!) bought a midi-keyboard to be able to make music based on midi. I'm currently in Cubase-training. By the way, my music-skills are based on playing the flute for 8 years, and fooling around on my sisters piano.


various software-synths, like Reaktor 2.7 .

(d-kay is a "phonetic alias" for decay)

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Well I’m not a keyboard player. At least any longer.
I used to consider myself such around the late seventies, early eighties.
Then my gear was a Polymoog, Hammond L102, Rhodes stage 73, Cat SRM and a Yamaha P202 upright piano.

I never did much as a keyboard player professionally.
I once turned down an audition for some up and coming girl singer band called "Berlin" though. (who knew?)
I also spent a week in 1983 rehearsing with Nina Hagen for her Nun Sex Monk Rock tour as synthesist. Never did the tour though.

In 1984 I was hired by Roland US as a service tech.
Besides fixing plenty of synths, I was responsible for ALL repairs of their Roland DG line of monitors and plotters. I left in 1988 to work for myself and that’s the way it’s been ever since.

Now, I specialize in analog synths and supporting the needs of film composers and working musicians in the Los Angeles area.
I also do general outboard gear repairs, modifications, Mac support, studio hum elimination and occasional wiring.

I’m technically experienced with Moog, Arp, Oberheim, Buchla, Roland, Polyfusion, EML, EMS, Serge, etc.

My client list includes over 30 film and TV composers and I’ve consulted for Roland, Alesis, Bob Moog, etc.
I’ve also presented one college lecture, which is rather ironic since I never attended college.
I’m 38, happily married and have five cats.
I don’t have too many hobbies, but like to travel and occassionally jump out of planes.

#1046263 - 04/10/01 01:52 PM Re: Introductions?
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hello, my name's jeremey and i play keyboards a little...i currently lead the band x factor, and as the presumptive music director for the band, i program what midi sequences i can and purchase ones that i either can't or don't have time to. i'm more interested in the technical side of keyboards and midi than i am as a player. right now i'm trying to get my entire rig to talk to each other while i am 15 feet away singing at the front of the stage. my REAL job is in sales.

i'm 29 and i've been in bands since my first carnival gig at the age of 14, where we scared my grandparents to death by playing anthrax and slayer. since then, i am much more pop oriented. my writing and vocals are heavily influenced by journey and steve perry...with a touch of prince and the sex pistols for good measure. i wrote my first song at 15 and convinced a local dj to play it during his show...i later found that he stole my reel to reel and taped over it in the studio for one of his rap demos. DOH! since then i've put out countless demos of original music, but i'm convinced that playing covers is the only profitable way to make a go of it.

my favorite 3 keyboard players are alan griffiths (tears for fears), prince, and jonathan cain. TFF is in my opinion vastly underrated.

my equipment so far consists of a JV 1080, D4, and Yamaha MDF-3, plus the Digitech vocalist workstation, which i just got yesterday and am trying to MIDIfy to work with our set lists. at home i keep my alesis qs 6.1 which i use to record sequences with and bang out jingles and background music (my latest endeavor). i record into a gateway 600 mhz P3 by way of a presonus blue tube preamp, cakewalk pro audio 9.03, vegas audio, sound forge 5, and acid music 2.0. i will forever kick myself for selling my mackie 1202 vlz and my roland vs840EX to help pay for my live PA system.

my band's website is:

drop by and see us sometime or drop me a line - audio samples are online!

#1046264 - 04/10/01 02:11 PM Re: Introductions?
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I began playing piano when I was around 6 years old. We moved around alot as I grew up, so I had many piano teachers over the years. I my first synth was a Korg PolySix, which I bought high school. My life changed after I bought that first keyboard.

I originally went to Ohio University but eventually transfered and studied music at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. While I was there I worked at a music retail store called Sound Ideas. After finishing school and nine years working music retail, I began working for Kurzweil on a part time basis as a Product Specialist. I did training and performed clinics throughout the midwest.

I also became heavily involved in programming, sampling and sound design. In order to get as much keyboard business as I could at Sound Ideas, I started doing my own sampling. This was the beginning of my soundware company called KeySolutions. I built a fairly large sample library which I offered to my customers if they purchased their equipment from me. It was this work, that helped me land a position at Sonic Foundry were I became the Director of Training.

Sonic Foundry is located in Madison, Wisconsin. So in April of 1997, that is where I moved. I spent the rest of the year with traveling all over the United States for Sonic Foundry. I helped hire train and setup up their sales force, I did training, clinics and presentations everywhere you can imagine from music stores and conventions, to corporations like Microsoft. When I started there I was employee #30 at last count there were over 200 employees. I lucky enough to see some products in the very early stages. One interesting product called the Record Blender...eventually became a product that everyone knows and loves called ACID.

In November 1997, I got a phone call which led to my current position as a District Sales Manager for Kurzweil. apparently they remembered me from the clinics I had done and all of the Kurzweil equipment I had sold. I now cover ten states in the central US, from Illinios all the way over to Colorado.

I now live in Chicago, just bought my first house this year. I'm married and have a little boy who's a 19 months old. He loves playing the piano.

As for gear, there is definitely alot of Kurzweil equipment around here. I guess it would probably be more interesting for me to list the non-Kurzweil gear that I've had for a while now.

Korg PolySix
Emu Morpheus
Roland JD-990
Roland MKS70
Korg 01R/W
Prophet 5

I'm still involved alot in sound design. Just over a year ago I finished my first sample CD-ROM library for Kurzweil instruments that I started many years ago back in Columbus. KeySolutions Volume 1 is my first product release and there are more sounds in developement. Maybe one day I'll finish some of my own music as well.

Nice to "meet" everyone,

Mike Martin
Kurzweil Music Systems

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-Mike Martin
Casio America, Inc.

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Good day everyone. Unless some of you aren't saying, seems that I'm the old guy here. My name is Bill Wilcox and I'm a 46 year old architect living in St. Louis. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, majored in architecture at Washington University, where I met my wife. Married in 1982 and landed in Cardinal-land when my career was the easier to move than hers. Currently working for Hastings+Chivetta Architects drawing construction documents for collegiate and municipal athletic facilities. Our son turned 13 in January and my hobbies include photography, model trains and (ahem) music.

I've played piano, clarinet and acoustic guitar at one time or another since I was 8, and have sung in church choirs, small ensembles and an acapella jazz vocal group off and on since high school. I currently play synthesizers in my church's praise and worship band. An Ensoniq SD1 and Roland JV1080 form my rig and my live playing centers around strings, organs, vocal pads and miscellaneous odd noises. I also program percussion loops and full length song tracks for rehearsal and performance.

Being part of a live band has been an incredible experience. Musical ability is something God gave all of us here and using it for Him has opened opportunities I would never thought possible. Both the challenges of learning my instrument and learning new songs quickly and the joy of making music with others are experiences I'd never want to give up. My musical goals are somewhat fuzzy, but I'd probably focus on improving my playing, arranging and writing skills, playing more outside of worship for the general public. And playing with most any of my favorite recording artists wouldn't be to shabby either.

Thanks for the soapbox, it still seems to have some life left in it....

#1046266 - 04/10/01 07:33 PM Re: Introductions?
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My name is Kevin and I'm brand new to this forum and so far I am greatly impressed by the overall intelligence of the members here. So first of all keep up the good work everybody!

I am 23, and spent the first years of life on the piano. After a few years I took up trombone and guitar. Currently I play Keys, guitar, trombone, bass, and a little violin. I have been an avid musician all my life and hope to continue on that way.

I know this is a little short but I am not that exciting...
Thanks for the spotlight!

#1046267 - 04/10/01 10:52 PM Re: Introductions?
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Name: David Frost
Age: 33 (tomorrow!)
Occupation: IT stuff
Location: Canberra, Australia (yes I have had Kangaroos grazing on my lawn, No it is not common!)

I started playing Organ when I was ~10 (from the local Yamaha dealer in Wagga Wagga where I grew up). Luckily found a teacher who was into Jazz (up until that time the only music I had heard was top 40 and C&W). Didn't play in any bands till I went to Uni, then played in a Blues band for a while. Once I was comfortable with more than 3 chords we started a 70' disco covers band (sensational way to meet girls, just audition for singers!) doing Bee Gee's and ABBA. Spent the last 6 years in a Reggae Band (Mon) - heaps of fun.

Gear wise I'm a bit of a minimalist, besides my 70's Yamaha Electone I have:

Korg 01/W FD
Roland VK-7

I think I still have a EX-800 in the shed and I used to own a DX-100. I still own a DX-11 that I lent to a friend and haven't seen for 5 years!

I don't do much home recording or sequencing - the last thing I do after coming home from work is sit at a computer screen.

Wish List:

1. The local Roland center can fix my VK-7 resetting bug. (I gave them the issue number mentioned on this forum and they went all blank!)
2. Hammond and Leslie (not a lot found their way down under)
3. Nice piano module (01W piano is not quite there)
4. Analog Mooogy thing (wiv portamento!) for solos
5. Couple of SRM-450's (to replace a 1980 Peavey Musician Head)
6. World Peace

If you would like to send me any of items 2 to 5 please feel free.

#1046268 - 04/11/01 02:18 AM Re: Introductions?
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Man - folks are coming out of the woodwork!

Thanks, and a generous modicum of appreciation to Jon, D-kay, Kev...ummm...I mean Synthfool, Jeremey, Dr. Martin, Bill, Kevin, and David Frost. 'Preciate you guys taking the time to post. It's really nice to be able to hear more about you than just your opinions on keys.


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#1046269 - 04/11/01 02:21 AM Re: Introductions?
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Originally posted by Frosty:


What's that? Sounds like a Korg organ...
BTW - Dave!!

I am also an Aries. I turned 40 on April 2nd.


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