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#1041105 - 12/06/00 12:27 AM affordable sample cd's online?

I might just be the 500th person to ask this, but are there any good place to find samples cd's at affordable prices? I am specifically looking for latin percusion and drums stuff - mainly acoustic, even though loops/hiphop/electronica are cool also, when I think of it...nah, just latin stuff at this point....



KC Island
#1041106 - 12/06/00 01:17 PM Re: affordable sample cd's online?
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I'm not sure if you checked out They have a large variety of CD-ROMS in many formats. I noticed several reasonably-priced latin/percussion sets.

Also check out They also have a good variety with great prices. I'm not sure if you've checked, but also has a good selection and OK prices. They also allow you to buy individual loops online. You download the loops after you buy. Hope this helps.

Rev E

#1041107 - 12/07/00 02:18 AM Re: affordable sample cd's online?

Thanks Rev E!

I had once been given some of those sites, but for the life of it, couldn't remember where 2 of them where...



PS: Any ideas on how I can get a username at musicplayer without it being my email address? The only option for me was to type in my email address when registering...

...usernames are more interesting instead of my dorky address...

#1041108 - 12/07/00 03:44 AM Re: affordable sample cd's online?
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Go to your user profile ( at top of screen, right below "post new topic" ) and look directly above where you would type in your e-mail address. This is the link to change your user name, it looke like regular text but it's actually a link, click on it and it should take you to correct screen
Remember when you post to change user name to whatever you put in because it will default to your e-mail address and won't save post if it's not right. That'll really piss ya off if you put in a long post and it gets wiped out!!!

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#1041109 - 12/07/00 05:43 PM Re: affordable sample cd's online?
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one, two, three, testies, testies...

I think the username change worked.

Thanks a bunch!


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