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#1039736 - 02/17/06 10:10 PM Microphones: Grove Tube GT66 vs. Rode NTK ???
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Looking for help. Buying my first Mic for my project studio. Looking for something versatile that can handle anything. Need something good for instruments and vocals. I've been looking at a couple of tube based mics because I like the warm sound. Any advice would be great. Looking to buy real soon.

#1039737 - 02/18/06 02:23 PM Re: Microphones: Grove Tube GT66 vs. Rode NTK ???
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Define 'warm' and how it relates to tube mics? If we knoe what you are looking for, maybe we can help you to find it.

I'd think that a guy starting out might look for a couple of small diaphragm condensers to handle those drum overheads, acoustic guitars, and other clean, smooth audio requirements, something like a 57 for general purpose micing (like guitar cabs, snares), a mic like an RE-20/421/441/M-88 for other dynamic purposes (kick, bass, horns), and a good quality LD condenser for vocals. If I was starting out, I'd probably be looking at one of the AT choices, as their 40nn series mics are popular in even the best studios in Nashville, yet sell in the $500 and under range. These are mics that you will likely buy once and never get rid of.

Usually the 'warmth' that people attrbute to tubes comes from the transformers. You might also consider that a mic with few charcteristics can be used on a lot of instruments, and will transmit the characteristics of the instrument. But if a mic has a lot of charater of it's own, and you use that mic on a lot of instruments, you are probably going to have a huge pile of mud in the frequency range at which that charcter is exibited. Just a thought.

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