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#1039721 - 02/06/06 12:02 PM Analogue recording
sturdyw Offline

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I've just got hold of a Fostex M80 eight track recorder. It take quarter inch tape, does anyone know if its a certain type of tape that it needs to take or are all quarter inch tapes all the same,i.e. the same as a twoo track? many thanks.

#1039722 - 02/06/06 02:03 PM Re: Analogue recording
Bill@Welcome Home Studios Offline
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If you are asking if you can use any 1/4" tape with the machine, the answer is yes. There is no difference between 8 track and 2 track 1/4" tape. But machines should be calibrated for the tape stock in use.

Also, some machines have trouble with the thicker tape formulae... nothing about the recording, but the thickness throws off the tape counter. So a Scotch 996 will not count correctly, where a 250 will. (for example)

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#1039723 - 03/06/06 11:29 PM Re: Analogue recording
blas Offline
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And a pancake of Scotch will always stink when you open it over Grand Master 456 (is there even 456 around anymore?)! Only old studio guys will understand the 'smell' thing. If we had to use Scotch, the 2nd had to be the guy to open it and air it out before the session!
Wonder if different new hard drives stink?

#1039724 - 03/15/06 10:02 PM Re: Analogue recording Offline
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I think they use the 407 tape