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#1039703 - 01/24/06 11:03 AM AMD motherboards for a digidesign setup
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I've been looking for more information regarding motherboard compatability with Digidesign ProTools LE DIGI 002 specifically. I've read what posts are here and have been to

While they only certify the Asus and Tyan boards using the VIAK8T800 chipset has anyone had any experiences using a Gigabyte K8 Triton with a ULi chipset? I'm using a 939 Athlon 64...

SO the problem is....I've been getting errors when I try to playback (DAE 6) ??? and if it's not that it's an error about the firewire drive (which I don't have, so it must be the 002 device) that can't get the audio from/off the drive fast enough.. I thought SATA were supposed to support faster transfer speeds than ATA133?? They are brand new Western Digitals low seek time, 7200 RPM I've tried raising my buffers from within Pro Tools and it is still having the same problem ... I am using the SATA as my boot system program disk and the ATA133 as the audio drive read/write.

I even bought the SIIG firewire card as certified by Digidesign... and am still having this error.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Maybe it's just this motherboard... Any Gigabyte AMD ProTools users out there had similar problems?

#1039704 - 01/30/06 10:09 AM Re: AMD motherboards for a digidesign setup
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Sorry I don't have an answer for you, digidesign stuff can be maddeningly incompatible with a lot of "unapproved" pc hardware. Have you asked at:
Digidesign User Conference

Read the sticky thread "General Troubleshooting - Pro Tools 6 & 7 Win XP" and follow the advice.

The DUC is your best bet for figuring out your problems. Good luck!