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#1039674 - 01/12/06 03:37 AM Good mics for live/small ensembles,recital,choir recordings?
clint carty Offline

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Starting to do some recording of live performances of small ensembles (strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion) and choir recordings.
Mainly student recitals done at on campus recital halls.

I am in need of a good set of matched stereo mics

I have been looking at the following and would like your opinion on any of these you may have used for this scenario of recording or if you would suggest any not listed and tell me why...

What I have been researching/considering:
Shure KSM137's
Rode NT5's
Earthworks TC20's

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks and take care

#1039675 - 01/30/06 02:23 PM Re: Good mics for live/small ensembles,recital,choir recordings?
mjm Offline
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For most music student recording we do here we use a good pair of AKG-414's.

We also have quite a few Schoeps CMC microphones.

I think both the AKG and Schoeps mics are amazing for instrumental and choir recordings and would use these without a heart beat. (though if I could get my hands on our only pair of B&K microphones I think I'd have to go with them).

If budget's a real concern then there's always a pair of AKG C-3000's which are ok for Brass. I use them for the saxes in my last recording (we had a medium sized ensemble and I had used up the other mics).

Also, before you look at Rode and Shure, be sure to check out SE Electronics. Their mics offer great competition. I've got a pair of SE-1A cardoids and they compare well to a pair of AKG C-3000's imho.

I'd say a pair of SE mics would probably beat a pair of NT5's and the price point is comparable. Also don't rule out the Studio Projects C4 pair as an interesting comparison to a pair of NT5s.
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