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#1039668 - 01/11/06 01:23 PM "double compression"...?
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Reading some commentary by Geoff Emerick (asst. to George Martin) I've come across the term "double compression", applied to recording bass.
Is this a common term that I've just never heard before?
I suspect it means recording the track w/compression & then re-recording that track w/ compression again...but might it mean something else ?
Thanks for any responses.

#1039669 - 02/04/06 05:17 PM Re: "double compression"...?
TBush Offline
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It probably refers to running the signal through 2 compressors simultaneously- one set for more of a gentle app and the other set more aggressively. Doing this prevents just one of the units from having to do all the work, which can introduce saturation. I like doing it on vocals that need to sit nicely in a maelstrom of big guitars.

#1039670 - 02/05/06 12:55 PM Re: "double compression"...?
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Originally posted by TBush:
...Doing this prevents just one of the units from having to do all the work, which can introduce saturation...

and 'pumping'. The tradeoff is possible additional noise from the second unit in the signal path. Normally not a problem if you're careful.

WUDAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again!!

#1039671 - 02/15/06 10:55 PM Re: "double compression"...?
gaotu Offline
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I almost always do this with vocals. Compressing in the signal path and then again in my DAW. Compressing in the signal path allows me to get a signal that's a bit "hotter" than if I didn't, then I compress to taste (program material) in the DAW.

#1039672 - 02/19/06 11:36 PM Re: "double compression"...?
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Are you sure he wasn't reffering to parallel compresion?