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've heard plenty of players trying to cover AC/DC but use too much overdrive for rhythm. The AC/DC rhythm sound does not use much overdrive. The Young brothers are hard strummers who used extra heavy picks.

Agreed completely. I think a lot of people would complain about amp sims less if they reduced the input gain/overdrive.

String alloys and gauges make a difference too.

Interesting you should mention that . I'm writing a book about recording guitar, and the first few chapters are about strings, intonation, pickup position, and truss rod adjustment. I think that those are just as important as what's in the signal chain.

Craig, don't dismiss replicating an amp so quickly just because it is associated with a certain genre. I cover a lot of styles and have found that with the right amp and speakers, changing the playing technique can get a world of sounds.

I don't always dismiss using a "standard" amp sound, the issue is that I usually hear a sound in my head that I haven't gotten before out of amps, so I need to do "reverse engineering" to figure out how to get the sound. But tonight, I was working on a song and wanted that Kenyan twin guitar vibe, which sounds like Strats going through something like a Twin. So I dialed up the stock Variax Strat sound, tweaked the string volumes in Variax Workbench...and then it went through the Studio One Fender Twin emulation. This gave the liquid lead-line sound I wanted to emulate.

But then I added multiband power chords, a Arturia Farfisa organ, and bell-like synth stabs from Native Instruments' Hybrid Keys instrument. I'm an equal-opportunity abuser of waveforms smile