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The Wavedrum really was an exceptional piece of gear. I hear the current "Global Edition" is pretty amazing too...

I have the Global Edition, one of the few things I've purchased new. I've had it for a few years but I think it is still the current version, they don't update the Wavedrum line often.
I've had it plugged into a PA and up pretty loud. It will feedback if you are not careful!!!! There is a microphone inside, and a pressure sensor.

You can hear your fingernails scratching the head coming out of the speakers. It is sensitive, aiive like a real drum. The pressure sensor can take the pitch of the head and/or the rim up or down depending on the program. I've never attempted to program it, I do have the manual. Some great snares, kicks and all sorts of trippy, ambient sounds. No hi hats but I'm not complaining.

I've jammed on it for hours at a time here and there, I plan on setting it up and leaving it ready to go soon.

It took me a long time to figure out that you can get a much larger range of tones if you turn it way up and play it with fingers. Some of the subtle tones will be overlooked if you just smack it.
Truly and easily the most expressive electronic percussion instrument I've ever played, nothing else has come close. You don't get anything by scratching the head of a MIDI sample playing drum.
Brushes sound different than sticks or mallets ona Wavedrum but I love using fingers or one bare hand and one stick for the rim.

I will never sell it, if it was gone I would have to get another one. I don't say that about any of my other percussion gear - except for this one tiny drum I have that has fishing line coming out of the center of the head that is looped around a notch in a stick. Twirling the stick makes incredible 'frog croaks" and I'd have to replace that too because it's too cool.

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