Nice Craig!

I'm with you on analog instruments whenever possible. I don't any drummers around here that use a digital snare or cymbals for live performance.

A lot of other musicians underestimate what a good drummer does.

I spent some time in San Juan, Puerto Rico and a good conguero can get almost infinite variations of sounds on each conga drum. There is no way any MIDI set I know of that can emulate that. Where he hits, how hard he hits, what part of the hand/fingers he hits with, what angle he hits, how soft or stiff his wrist is, how many milliseconds the hand stays on the head and so on. (I love Salsa music and IMO P.R. has the best Salsa).

Another really impossible thing on any MIDI set I know is a good jazz drummer with brushes. Hundreds of different sounds and levels of sustain by dragging the brush (drag is one of the basic rudiments).

The closest thing I get to entering MIDI congas is a Korg Padkontrol. It has that X/Y pad that allows me to control pitch and that can emulate the conga enough for general listeners if it is in the mix and played live. Like many emulations, most musicians wouldn't be fooled. But you can get away with a lot in live performance that I wouldn't want to put on a recording for all posterity to hear.

You have to do the best with what you have to work with sometimes.

I haven't played a real drum kit in a long time. I miss it sometimes, but I have to prioritize. Sax/wind synthesizer/vocals are my primary instrument followed by flute, bass, keys and drums.


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