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It's also true that ideas shared freely mean progress for all.

Interesting you should say that. At one point I was staff synthesist for the Group Motion Berlin dance company, and one of their main people, Manfred Fischbeck, talked about the process of sharing to "speed up evolution." His premise was that it was up to us to keep people from re-inventing the wheel, and in so doing, progress would happen faster.

He had a profound influence on my thinking.

I do believe that you can speed up evolution. Are you familiar with Lean and Kaizen? Constant improvement.
I am not sure that preventing people from re-inventing the wheel is a productive use of one's time. The goal should be to go beyond the wheel so that nobody cared about wheels. Solarpowered maglev transit?
Maybe someday if enough people focus on it. Not me, I've evolved a Strat to where I like it and now I just want to play music. I am an evolutionary dead-end, so it goes...

And what about music? Should we not play the same old things that we love because it's been done before? Humans find considerable comfort in favorite musics and may not care for uncharted waters. I've had hella fun playing new unprecedented "music" even if a lot of it probably sounded terrible. Fun, maybe that's all we need sometimes...

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