Bookmarked to my "Music Listen" folder for future reference.

I have Native Instruments Studio Drummer and Drum Lab. I do like converting MIDI to audio, you added a couple of nice tricks.

Guitar is classified in orchestral music as a percussion instrument (so is piano). I do spend considerable time honing my right hand skills on acoustic guitars, especially sans pick since I mostly play electric with a pick.
Sometimes an acoustic guitar part is all the percussion needed.

I've also got a box full of fun percussion toys, a decent large floor tom, 3 crappy tiny snare drums, a Korg Wavedrum and a Roland Handsonic.

I'm with you on the cymbals, I keep an eye out for a hi hat stand and cymbals. Hi Hats are one of the most expressive components of modern rock kits.

For all that, I just attempted and completed my first drum "arrangement" with MIDI drums and now I'm going to have to go back in and tweak it!

Every Time I Am Wrong, I Learn Something.