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Yeah, 5-pin MIDI jacks only cost what, 50 cents? (not realizing the additional electronics required).

I think it's $2 total to add old-school MIDI to synths.

Including R and D for laying out the PC board, parts and labor?

Here's one I saw somewhere "While this does sound really good, it doesn't quite capture that vintage tone."
Or something like that anyway. Never mind that the vintage piece is umpty bajillion and the new piece is "very affordable."

New caps will do that to ya, just for one. New tubes for another. If it's a guitar, how old are the magnets? Alnico loses magnetism, pickups sound mellower and sweeter.
My late 50's Danelectro lipstick pickups do not sound like Seymour Duncan's meticulous replicas, probably because magnets.

Or it could just be because it is all solid state with digital modeling? Hmm...

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