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Here's an "anti-diss" that itself deserves to be dissed:

[breathless reviewer] "The XYZ TurboMega studio monitor revealed sounds I hadn't heard before!"

That's because speakers have different frequency responses smile

Possibly also because it just happens. I can record something today and a week later I will hear something "I hadn't heard before.", probably because I was listening intently to something else.

All speaker reviews are subjective and subject to change. If somebody had an anechoic chamber and all the finest testing equipment used properly and consistently they could tell us what the colorful, meaningful charts and graphs say and it will not help anybody much when they try the same speaker in their own environment and use their own ears - which are not a consistent testing tool.

It's a tricky one, no?

Wait, I'll make it worse!!! I've been using a pair of Mackie HR824 monitors for 10+ years, old USA ones I got used. Recently I bought a Mackie MR5 for $6 - thrift store find.
When I listen to it I can hear that the transients seem "faster" from the range played by the 5" speaker as compared to an 8" speaker with an active low frequency radiator in back.
It sounds clearer at the crossover point too, less intermodulation distortion?

So it could be transient response and/or intermodulation distortion as well as frequency response or probably "all of the above?"

I don't know, it will be a good reference and the price was good.

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