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New software can be very confusing at first, and often the manuals are not a big help.

I think a big roadblock to user-friendliness is the computer itself, especially with Windows - latency, buffers, file paths, all that stuff.

I am NOT trying to start yet another pointless Windows vs Mac war, in fact I've been considering buying a Windows computer for everything but recording and taking my Mac offline.
I've used both platforms since forever, working in graphic design, printing etc. you must have both since files will be submitted that cannot be opened without a W/M workflow.

That said, just as an example - I have a Presonus Quantum and Presonus Universal Control is the companion software. I'm running 2 screens, the laptop screen is to the "right" of the 27" monitor even though technically it is directly below it. I wanted Universal Control to appear in the lower righthand corner of the large monitor and behind the DAW screen, which I have stretched out but left a bit of space on the right so I can select UC. I did have to click the Preferences in UC to tell it to stay underneath other programs, simple.
I also wanted the UC pop up screen (controls for the Quantum) to pop up in the laptop screen and sized to fill that 15" screen.

After 3 or 4 times of simply dragging everything into place, re-sizing as needed, and leaving everything in place when I shut down, it now does that every time. That was literally all I had to do to tell it where I wanted things located and what size I wanted them.

I honestly don't know if Windows 10 can do that, I briefly used 7 at the end of my graphics career. I can tell you that XP would not do that without considerable jumping through of hoops.
And older Mac systems didn't do it either (fair is fair after all!). I sure like being able to keep things simple!

Yes, computers are a complex part of using a DAW, any way you slice it.

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