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Here's another diss: Someone wants to get into recording, tries out a DAW, and says "it isn't user-friendly."

Of course it isn't! It's duplicating the function of a half-million dollar studio of a couple decades ago...good luck figuring that out if you'd never done recording before.

That one could very well be an excuse. It can be a bit disheartening to hear how one actually sounds, especially if friends have been generous with compliments.
Basic tracking isn't really that difficult. It's the finer points that start demanding brain cells. I'm not as quick to learn as I was decades ago but persistence furthers.
Studying the tempo mapping features in Waveform now, I can't flatline the tempo on music anymore and be happy with it and I can't afford the drummer I'd like to hire.

I guess if it was easy everybody would be really good at it?

There is never enough time to be in a hurry...