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Nice guitar Notes!
I wouldn't worry about the tedious little details with a guitar like that, just play it and enjoy.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - For every solution, there is a problem.
One of the joys of electric guitar is that there is no correct way to play it. It follows then that there is no incorrect way to play it either.


My brother has a Parker, I like it.
Thanks. I love the guitar. It stays in tune very well, it's well balanced, and it's comfortable. I get around fairly well on it, I consider myself good at what I do on the guitar but what I do on the guitar is limited. I can double on it but wouldn't take a gig as a lead guitarist. I did play bass for a few years when saxes fell off the pop charts, so I wasn't afraid of the fretboard when I got my first guitar.

It's an advantage of having a musician wife (guitar, synth and vocals). When I needed a new guitar, she said "Why don't you have them build one for you?"

I liked her Parker a lot so I had the factory make one for me. The only customizing I did was the pickups. This model comes stock like a 'fat strat' (S-S-H). I love P90s but there are a couple of places where I gig that have these funky stage lights and I need to put them in the humbucker mode all night.

We are a duo now, but we played in 4 and 5 piece bands before that. Now we're self contained, dependent on no other musicians, and until COVID never lacked for a gig after our first year out.

It's all good.


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