Hi David:
Oops, I think I wasn't clear, or you just misinterpreted me. My "sorry" line was not saying I'm sorry for my post/suggestion, I meant that the diss was too broad, so I reject it. Meaning it fit within this discussion.
Or am I misinterpreting you? wink

No, I gotcha and we agree. Its just an outgrowth of trying to create a Zoom meeting via text alone! Many a diss IS too broad. In fact, its a spectator sport these days. I stand by my Poly-800 II and CS-80 tales of synth luv as great teaching moments. I revere the old gear, but Dave Stewart's "Mind Your Backs Tango" became the underlying theme that sent me over to a desktop. HA!

"My art is the best tool I have for resisting
my inner animal nature."
~ Chinese artist whose name wholly escapes me