"Overdrive" pedals.

Somewhere between 1974 and now the "overdrive" descriptor has been mutilated.

I'd like to hear Craig - the defacto OG pedal designer guy - chime in on this, but it's... interesting hearing people describe "what is an overdrive pedal?" these days.

"well, it's kinda, you know, more like a cranked amp tone", "it's like a, driven sound", etc. etc.

Meanwhile, they show their pedals board: the "overdrive" pedal set to unity in front of their digital delay pedal. Or, their "boost" pedal set to unity - in front of their chorus pedal.

I don't think people doing this have the intent of blasting the front of their Boss DD3 with voltage, and I think people have very little awareness of the Dawning Age of Distorted Guitar where a treble booster was literally meant to distort the front of the GUITAR AMP. There seems to be very few people that are actually OVER DRIVING their amp.

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