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"I need to see the insides.. Oh, it uses surface mount parts.... I'd buy it if it was through-hole"

Every design engineer points out that the parts they use that are SMT are BETTER than the through-hole parts available.

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And in a related diss, "It's not hand-wired."

^^^ Both of those and... "it's a starved plate design."
Well, yeah but how does it sound? The Blue Robbie I just got doesn't run the plates on the tube at high voltages but it does sound really nice to me.

The very first Mesa Boogie amp used a circuit board. ALL of them do. Cork sniffers hate that, even if they like the way they sound.
There is no circuitry to allow biasing of the tubes either. Instead they sell tubes that are tested to be within parameters. Not a perfect solution but the hand wired Red Plate Blues Machine I paid $1,500 for used went so far out of bias 15 minutes before start time at a New Years Eve gig that I switched back to a Peavey Studio Pro 112 Redstripe and sold the Red Plate. It only took 20-30 minutes at home, on the bench, with a meter etc. to get the Red Plate biased again but it wasn't time I had at the gig. Just played with crappy tone, so fun...

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