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It's an amp that doesn't take pedals well.

Isn't that like saying "it doesn't sound good indoors"? Indoors where? Every indoors everywhere? Which pedal(s) does it not take well? All pedals ever made?? No good with fuzz and delay and reverb and chorus and overdrive and treble boost and phasers and flangers and buffers and uni-vibe and wah and EQ and compressors and octavers and vibrato and loopers and pitch shifters and preamps and talk boxes and harmonizers and filter envelopes and tremolo and and and and and....


Hah! I've seen/heard that before. It's stupid. But yeah, the little beat up little Crate amp that they wanted $20 for at the thrift store didn't take pedals well. Or guitars. Or anything. Because, it sucked...
Somebody else must have gotten it, gone. Ugh.

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