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One thing I've learned is that it's almost like some kind of resonance phenomenon. I've had super-positive reactions to my music, while others have a reaction that's worse than hating it - they're indifferent :)<...snip...>
So true.

Give me art I can either love or hate, but don't bore me. Pollock and Warhol bore me. For that matter so does Rothko. They are obviously for someone else's eyes. Picasso - sometimes I love his work and sometimes it upsets me - that's good. Dali I mostly like along with Magritte and Miro. I'll spare you more.

But then some people get bored listening to Tchaikovsky or Shostakovitch so don't let the indifference upset you. Just keep on keepin' on.

Actually there are two kinds of art, art I like and art made for someone else. Music is included in that statement.

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