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What is art? That's really hard to pin down.

Insights and incites by Notes

Long ago somebody told me "Music is Art and Art is creation and release of tension."

It may not be a universal truth but it stuck with me and I consider it when I am writing songs or even playing covers in a bar band. The other way to put it is "Don't flatline the song."
Tension and release bring the heart into music. Joy in performing it brings the soul.

Tension and release give us some of our greatest joys in life.

You can be very, very, very hungry, that's tension. Then you sit down to one of your favorite meals, that's release. Same for thirst.

You build up a lot of sexual tension naturally, increase it with foreplay, and then when the release finally comes it's wonderful.

Your song hangs out in the tonic key with increasing tension due to the note choices, you go for an ascending build, then change the key and introduce a memorable theme and that's the release.

You are watching a football game. Your favorite team is inching away making small gains. They barely make a first down and seem stalled. They are behind by 3 points and the clock is ticking. You've got $50.00 on the game. The tension is great. With seconds to go on the clock, the quarterback passes, the receiver is wide open and has a run of over 30 yards into the end zone for a touchdown and the win. That's the release.

You have to really, really, really have to relieve your body of waste products, but you are in public and the only toilet is occupied and has been for what seems like an eternity. You're holding it in and that's tension. Then the occupant leaves, you walk in, undo your trousers and wonderful relief.

You're walking home, it's winter (up north), it's cold and windy, you aren't dressed for it, and home seems way too far away. That's tension. You walk in the door and you are greeted by a blast of warm, comfortable air. That's relief.

Tension and release. I love it.

Insights and incites by Notes

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