Thanks Notes, I enjoyed your post. If nobody minds, I copied and pasted the story, which came up very pale. In quotes:

"A woman bought a painting in a yard sale, because she thought it was the most ugly painting she ever saw.

She gave it to a friend as a gag gift. The friend's friend suggested that it might be a Pollock.

She had it evaluated by museums and critics all over the country who said that it couldn't be a Pollock because it didn't have his touch, aura or a dozen other features according to the person. Some of these were famous art museum curators from places like The Met.

Dejected she decided to take it out of the frame and there were fingerprints in the back matching the colors of the painting. So she had that evaluated and sure enough, they were Pollock's fingerprints in the same paint as the painting."

Since neither of us has seen a Pollock in the flesh, I don't consider our opinions to have as much value as if either of us had seen one. So it goes, nobody is going to bring me one to look at.

I will accept that Dvorak's 9th is your favorite. We all have favorites, the greatest music, the greatest cheese, all are opinions and all are valid. I will listen to it, I love to hear new things and am unfamiliar.
I am very fond of Charles Ive's Three Places In New England - a unique and wonderful piece.

Every Time I Am Wrong, I Learn Something.