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I for one think Jackson Pollock's drop cloths are not great art but simply messy kitsch, but there are 'experts' who strongly disagree with me.

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I am curious. Have you seen a Jackson Pollack piece in person? I have not.

I ask because I'd seen many reproductions/prints of Van Gogh and Rembrandt paintings and I thought they were pretty cool.
Then I went on a college field trip to the Norton Simon Museum of Modern Art in Pasadena.
They had a Van Gogh on display. The paint was thick, 3-D, painted with some sort of palette knife I suppose. The intensity and vibrance of the work startled me, it seemed alive. None of the reproductions had that energy.
When I first spotted the Rembrandt, it was as though it was watching me. If it had not been in a frame I might have spoken to it. As I moved around the gallery viewing the art, the eyes of the self portrait seemed to follow me everywhere. A bit creepy and certainly fantastic.

I haven't thought too much of Jackson Pollock's work but after that experience I realized that I needed to see one in person to know what it actually is like. I still have not seen one so I am withholding an opinion.

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