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IK has separated SampleTank and the sound content. Marketing most likely. The time limit is on downloads, they do encourage you to keep a copy of your installer.

I don't know what it's like to install on Windows,

Well, apparently neither do I. I downloded the sound content (a ZIP file), unzipped it and there were instruments and stuff in it like I was expecting, but when I ran the installer, it said "no sound content to install." I tried moving the files to places where I expected that they could be found (within the Sample Tank folder) but no go.

If they aren't going to supply manual installation instructions. at least the automatic installer should work. I dunno.

[Later] Well, I managed to copy enough files into enough places so that the sounds installed, and they now appear on the Sample Tank main screen. So I selected some strings Part 1 and a picture of a bunch of string instruments popped up. I assumed (you know what that means) that I could play some sounds by clicking on the keyboard at the bottom of the page, but no go. So I checked the settings and MIDI was set for "Any MIDI." I don't have a hardware MIDI interface on this computer, so I guess I'm stuck here for a while. I don't really have any use for this program other than to be a host for ARC 3, so I guess that's the next thing to figure out.