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Just for kicks, I should probably try installing these IK programs on the computer I'm using now (the one in the office) so I don't have to run to the back room to try suggestions as they come in (I don't do e-mail and avoid web surfing on the studio computer).

And I did that. I still can't find the VST(2) version of ARC3, and with the same DAWs installed on both the office and studio computers, I don't have much faith in getting it to work.

For some odd reason, when I installed the programs on the studio computer, I installed Sample Tank 4 CS, while on the office computer, I installed just plain Sample Tank 4. This comes up and doesn't crash on the office computer, but it apparently doesn't have any sounds along with it. I can't imagine them not sending ANY sounds along with an initial installation. I'm downloading some sounds now (Sample Tank 4 CS Sound Content) that, if I interpret the IK Product Manager correctly, have 53 days remaining before they blow up.

Since we had a drift toward User Interface here, I'll say that the UI (at least when it hasn't found any sounds) is really confusing. Maybe it'll look more sensible when I get some sounds loaded.

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I'm on a Mac and SampleTank 3 would crash my DAW every time I opened it. I learned a lot with my "forum" search trick. For you, try "Windows (version) Sampletank (version) crash FORUM".

I've found help for all sorts of problems that way, from pulling the starter in a car to finding the biggest fretwire.

I learned how to adjust the parking brake on my car when the mechanic at the local garage couldn't find the adjustment. It's an old fashioned drum brake and the slot where you put in the tool to turn the "star" wheel has a hidden rubber plug.

But, really, who wants to bother with a program that crashes? I know IK is a reputable company and I'm sure their software works just fine for people who keep their computers up to date, but I'll have to really need a new capability before I'll do more than a trivial update to a computer that works for everything else that I use it for.