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I forget whether you're using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows...although SampleTank is compatible with Windows 7, it's 64-bit only.

64-bit Windows. So in theory it should work with Reaper unless Reaper doesn't support 64-bit plug-ins. But that still doesn't explain why loading Sample Tank by itself crashes. Maybe it wants more memory. The crash report is a Windows message, not a Reaper message, something about Windows trying to find a solution, but says it can't.

Just for kicks, I should probably try installing these IK programs on the computer I'm using now (the one in the office) so I don't have to run to the back room to try suggestions as they come in (I don't do e-mail and avoid web surfing on the studio computer).

I'm on a Mac and SampleTank 3 would crash my DAW every time I opened it. I learned a lot with my "forum" search trick. For you, try "Windows (version) Sampletank (version) crash FORUM".
Adding the word "forum" could bring up discussions on the problem and often solutions are forthcoming. There always seems to be somebody who has solved the problem and is sharing their solution for the greater good of all humankind.

I've found help for all sorts of problems that way, from pulling the starter in a car to finding the biggest fretwire.

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