Wondering if this thread is the right spot to chat about challenges with, and strategies for, combining MPE and traditional controllers for playing the same sounds.

Now that I've augmented my Seaboard Block with one of Roli's LUMI Bluetooth controllers (Dr. Mike, I'm wondering if you got yours yet, or if you're one of the furious throng who got bumped down the queue), it's mostly been a handy way to divvy up my more expressive patches and more "traditional" patches between controllers. I love the Seaboard for playing a bendy/modulating synth part while laying down a Hammond pad with my left hand, but It's a lot easier to play a glockenspiel part when you don't have to worry about accidentally bending the pitch in an inorganic, non-musical way.

But every now and then (as we discussed earlier), I'm using the Lumi to extend the range of the Seaboard, and it leads to some interesting challenges. Because the Seaboard is always transmitting some degree of channel pressure, it can be tricky to utilize the Lumi's aftertouch for modulation, because as soon as my sound source is set to respond to an acceptable degree of aftertouch on the Lumi, moving over to the Seaboard has the sound modulating all over the place. Same goes for pitch bend: I've got some accessories for triggering traditional pitch bend on Lumi notes, but if the bend range of the sound source has to be set to 48 semitones for the Seaboard, all of the sudden I'm doing Whammy-pedal divebombs when I just wanted to bend a whole step.

There are a lot of places to adjust variables, too. There's the poly aftertouch/channel pressure switch in the Roli Dashboard, and then all the potential places to adjust and adapt MIDI information per concert and per channel strip in Mainstage, and let's be honest, I'm not that great at this yet; I've got less than a year and a half logged as a heavy Mainstage user.

Just wondering if the good doctor, or anyone else on the forum, has some tricks for moving fluidly between these two kinds of control surfaces on the same sound source -- other than, of course, "set up two identical-sounding patches and tailor them to the needs of each controller," which seems practical other than when I'm using the MacBook to connect to external sound sources.

That's a lot of detail that's maybe too specific to my setup to be useful, but hey, we're all in quarantine right now anyway, right? wink

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