I have a MITCHELL electric acoustic that I really like. It had a hideously ugly pickguard on it, which I removed. When I removed it left a white -ish colored stain.

I knew I would have to strip and re finish it.

I did the stripping and sanding without significantly damaging the guitar.

I would like to do a minimalist type finish on this, with perhaps a bit of an amber tint. I do not want to shoot lacquer on it. I also probably do not want to use a poly finish. I am leaning toward perhaps shellac or tung oil varnish.

I probably don't want to leave it totally unfinished but I don't need gloss.

I am surprised how much I like this Mitchell. The wood is good throughout. Probably it's an older one.... the wood on a lot of newer acoustics is.... strange. I like the direction that the Canadian Seagull/ Art and Luthierie etc. is going. This guitar has a spruce top but it reminds me of some of the Canadians.

I am going to have to be selling a 1952 Gibson J 50 soon, and am just looking for something I can play.

Any advice on giving this a light protective coat on the spruce top?