Shocked and saddened to hear of Andy Gill's untimely passing at 64. I interviewed him when Gang Of Four Official appeared at The Chapel just last February.

“I’ve always approached Gang of Four’s music fundamentally the same,” he told me when I interviewed him on the stage after soundcheck. “It’s just the guitar, bass, drums, and vocals sitting next to each other and working with each other in a kind of matrix, rather than layering parts on top of each other. We lock into each other and the rhythm is carefully thought out so that it’s funky and exciting. Sometimes, I worry if even that is simple enough. I mean, when you hear a Muddy Waters' record, and he’s in a room tapping his foot on the floor and you hear him kicking his guitar and you hear his voice—THAT is thrilling. That is my touchstone. If I’m layering stuff, I’m going wrong.”