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I also don't make money from eating tacos al vapor, backpacking throughout West Africa or South America, hanging out with friends over drinks, swimming at the beach, going on a long hike in the wilderness, or reading a book. Why do we always have to think about monetizing things? Why do we give a crap about this at all?

This is exactly what I say at my workshops! Although I use bowling as an example. Sure, there are pro bowlers - but it's a really select group, and the odds of making money from it are minuscule. Most people do bowling because it's fun. Same with fishing.

That's it!

And you're right, the odds of making money from pro bowling is rather slim.

I actually make money from creating bizarre music and night photography, a rather nice form of photography if there ever was one. But that's sure as hell not why I do it. I began making money at it because I became good at it and very small but devoted audiences love this sort of thing. I don't make very much money, but again, who cares? I do it because I love it.

If I wanted to monetize it, it would take some of the fun out of it because I'd probably want to make "normal" music that sells well, such as hip-hop or seriously Auto-Tuned pop, and for photography, I'd need to do wedding photography and portraits or take photos of wild horses galloping or flowers in a meadow. I don't want to do that.

I want to do stuff I love to do. That's it. That simple.