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I’m not earning a living from it.

Most musicians aren't. I've made a significant amount of money from music over the years, but I don't even try any more. As I tweeted recently, "Happiness isn't about selling records. It's about making music."

I'm simply not "commercial." My music is somewhat cerebral; I don't do "I wanna rock all night and party every day!" My projects are quite different, I'm not even sure I have a "sound." I have no interest in touring to promote music which isn't really intended for a mass audience.

And you know what? IT'S EFFING AWESOME!!! I can play whatever I want, whenever I want. I've never had more fun making music, and I've never been happier with the music I'm making. No pressure.

I'd say lighten up and just play. Play anything! I'm at my best musically speaking when I don't think I should be making music. I just pick up an instrument, try not to think, and see what happens.

I know, it’s just trying not to think is the hard part.