I think our mindset regarding Windows vs Mac is almost exclusively biased toward our prior experience, no matter how long ago and without regard for what else we were using at the time. Update issues, BSOD, virus prone, klugey/kitchy interface, audio pops, latency etc. We’ve all read and maybe posted about these for years. Yet if we don’t have the particular issue being discussed we may dismiss it as an individuals lack of knowledge/ability to troubleshoot, unique equipment, computer practices etc. For me it’s all about working style and personal preference since I’ve had success with both platforms.

I have updates scheduled during the 8 hours/day my equipment is powered off; the PC is always on. Other than when I see the boot up screen in the morning updates are transparent. Updates have never caused a problem or incompatibility with any of my software; maybe I’m just lucky, who knows? I get that some people are working all hours and this post was after a WTF occurrence that I too would be scratching my head over. But since the Mac / PC thing inevitably creeps into these type discussions I’ll also add I have no BSOD crashes, never had a virus (I’m always connected), no audio glitches, low latency and basically the shit just works all the time. And this was true for when I was on Mac almost 20 years ago as well. So what am I doing right?

I recognize I’m just a mere hobbyist, I’m not running tons of tracks simultaneously although I’ve attempted to stress my system out of curiosity at times. And I do run a fair number of VSTs concurrently. You guys that are deep into the inner workings of computers and operating systems are way beyond my experience and understanding. But some of your conclusions just don’t jive with my experience. Yes, I’m technical enough and more important determined enough to sweat through the difficult issues. But they always resolve and life is good for lengthy periods of time. There’s got to be a technical reason why my stuff works and for everyone else Window’s sucks .

I think it comes down to Windows Compatible not being an all or none proposition like it is with Mac. My experience with audio on PC is RME almost exclusively. Started with a Hammerfall 9652 and have been using a AES 32 PCIe card to an AD DA box for the last 12 years or so. And to this day I don’t think anything exceeds it including FireWire, TB, USB 3.0 . I did have a hell of a ground loop issue with the card that took me over to USB 2.0 for 9 months. That was until I got fed up with the latency and returned to attack the ground loop with a vengeance.

Now this is where the mythical cost delta between Windows and Mac starts to fall apart. To do Windows right it takes a very good performing PC (Best Buy special probably not going to cut it) and RME ain’t cheap although for me it has been in the long run. I’m not even sure about laptops as I always have used internal cards in a desktop.

Anyway I think there are Windows based solutions that truly make the hater’s repeated and tiring gripes old and invalid.