Excellent news Larryz, I am still using a older version of BIAB and Jammer Pro (A similar program) on an XP Pro laptop used for that purpose. I use the MIDI export function so I can use samples in Sonar and then edit the MIDI's before rendering them to audio. However once I get my new DAW up and running, I will probably pull the trigger on a new version for the DAW. But still keep the XP laptop for a spare. I have been using MIDI in recording since I began with my analog set up in the Mid 80's.

I have a real good knowledge in how to manipulate MIDI to my taste such as using edit tools in Sonar to transpose, before rendering them to audio and remove the MIDI generated bends and other data. My first computer recording set up was run by a Mac Plus (that's how long ago) I used the Mac to use MOTU's Performer 1 a MIDI only sequencer and I controlled some MIDI capable modules such as synths and samplers and SMPTE time code to lock the sequencer to the tape decks. And yes to answer Jimi's question, I am experienced.

laugh cheers

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