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I find the question amusing. What are you going to record on next, a bonsai tree?

Well, the title field wasn't long enough for "I think it's a possibility that the golden age of pro audio riding on the coattails of consumer-oriented computers may be in its twilight years," which was the point of the thread. smile

As mentioned, maybe it will be hacking computers not intended for recording, or Linux, or a company making a computer designed specifically for music. So yes, computers can still be involved. But will it be the $500 - $2,000 PC as we know it today? I doubt it. If there's no consumer market for the kind of more advanced computer that's suitable for music, there's not much we can do about it.

Remember, there was a time when we didn't have tablets and smart phones like they are now. If people wanted to surf the net or run a spreadsheet, they often had to buy a desktop computer with slots, expandable RAM, expandable drive bays, and lots of ports - whether they needed these capabilities or not. And apparently they didn't, because now they can do most of what they need to do with a smart phone...but we needed those kinds of capabilities to do recording.