One reason that the spread of optical has slowed to nothing is the government’s push for landline providers to convert everyone to a wireless delivery system, voice and data. It took me 5 years to get an optical line at our office were we have our servers. The first three years I was told that it would never happen because the repercussions of violating the initiative were too big. Years ago SAMSHA forced medical providers to ask all clients if they are feeling pain and if they need medication for that pain. You don’t ask the question, you don’t get to bill services to Medicare or Medicaid. Experts now see this as the spark that ignited the boom in prescription addiction. Techs that know what is happening with the initiative to get rid of landlines for voice and data see the same type of disaster. Data transfer needs are booming and the available frequencies for wireless cannot handle the load. As a country we are falling further behind in data transfer infrastructure. Ironically this is a bit of a boom for TV cable providers. In my area people are going back to cable because they provide better internet service. At my house I am limited to a 10 MB line and get about 7. Cable offers 100 MB in the area. Too bad they will not run it to my house because they don't want to deal with the subdivision rules of putting everything underground. Right now they are getting enough new business that they can focus on the easy to access areas.

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