There is a revolution quietly evolving in manufacturing.

It could shift paradigms as it should make manufacturing complex devices more efficient and profitable.

There are three major factors, all progressing rapidly. Artificial Intelligence, robotics and 3d printing, all of these keep pushing boundaries.
In my mind, it is only a matter of time before laptops will be produced in factories that have just a handful of humans on staff - technicians primarily and possible a janitor.

Intial investment will be high, "keeping up with the Joneses" will be costly but labor costs will plummet.

At risk of being too political, the problem then will be how will consumers without jobs be able to afford to purchase commodities? There are solutions, I am not going there!

Since companies continue to introduce new products for recording constantly, I suspect the actual numbers taken as a whole are significant. Home recording has a fairly hefty consumer base.
If there is profit to be made, it will be made.

So I do not fear the future of consumer based recording, it will be interesting - there will be a learning curve - but it will not wither.

There is never enough time to be in a hurry...