I can see Apple going this direction. They make a lot of "consumer be damned" decisions. Microsoft has always had to take the mindset of big business clients into consideration. Businesses don't like change or being forced into logistic decisions. Microsoft did try to push everyone to cloud based Office but got a lot of push back from the workforce and had to back off. The mobile employees who were the target of cloud storage and One Drive ended up having the most problems. I managed 600 network licenses and 300 Microsoft Office licenses. Value Added Partners tried to get me to convert to a cloud based Office 365 and I refused. Ironically two reps that tried to get me to convert later confessed that they changed back to regular Office after a few months. Before I retired I did change our medical record to cloud based, but I wrote a LOT of policies and procedures on what to do if the Internet goes down. You cannot turn away a sick person just because the internet is down and you cannot access their file.

The company that does our electronic medical record offered a product that would allow clinicians to go into homes with no internet access, enter data onto the laptop, and hold it on that computer until it could be synchronized with the cloud. This feature was a development of a larger, nationwide tech company and required expensive licenses. It never worked right and most companies trying this feature had to drop it. There were just too many issues with the algorithms that decide what bit of information is the latest and correct. The latest time stamp does not always have the newest or correct data. What if the clock on the notebook computer is off? What if more than one person is accessing the chart. A clinician visiting the patient at home may enter information at the same time that someone else is transcribing doctor notes or accounts receivable is correcting bad payer information. Even companies that are now trying to build this into IOS games are having problems. I had a game stored on two different iPads. An iPad Pro that is home use only, and an iPad mini that I travel with. It could not keep straight which is the newest data, what is on the cloud or what is on the iPad. I would get messages saying "We have found a more recent save version" and then it would automatically update my data and I would loose play time.

So why am I going on about this? Imagine you are working on a music project and decide to travel. As you move on and off of network coverage the automatic syncing routine causes you to loose a great song idea, or the work a collaborating partner did is lost when you return from your trip and your data overwrites the track he worked on. This is going to happen. Major players are going to throw a fit and it will get national attention. Then Microsoft or a partner will offer a solution that lets you go back to the old way of doing things.

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