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Wow. After writing that, I checked the news, and found this...


Yeah, I don't keep stuff on the cloud.
I don't use my phone for any internet services and have shut off as much of Google as I can.
My phone could still be hacked, they would get my contact list, maybe access to my Tracfone account.
It's pay as you go so not much to steal.

I made a fake email account to make a fake Facebook account, I did not give them my phone number and never will.

I have my passwords on a USB thumb and always copy and paste them. If a "key tracker" has been installed it will see that I copied and pasted. Foof.

Local storage and unplugged when not in use, always.

I am not paranoid, no tin foil hat.
When I moved up to High Sierra, my Mac found a dozen Wi-Fi portals within striking distance. I have a friend who could have hacked at least one of them.
I use cable for internet access. Still hackable but much less common.

Welcome to the "real world!!!"

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