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What about the future of cloud computing? We're going there in the industrial world with connected services, and I've seen trends in some VI's becoming cloud based. Do you think the entire DAW will ever become cloud based?

It could, but that depends on several factors...like whether high-speed internet becomes pervasive, and universal.

But the thing that concerns me is that I believe in the importance of local storage. I would assume the odds are remote of iCloud or OneDrive becoming victims of ransomware...but again, thinking the unthinkable...what if one day, the Kings of Ransomware tell Amazon "$100 billion to get your servers back?" I don't know if that's possible or not, but this uber-dependence on "the cloud" scares me. Terrorism, X-class solar flares, hackers...in the real world, clouds rain and dissipate.

I want to write a short story about how after an X-class solar flare fries everything with a microprocessor or that connects to the grid, civilization basically loses its entire history because everything was stored in the cloud. After civilization recovers, which takes hundreds of years, they have no idea of the culture of the 2000s...until they find a well-preserved Best Buy in Minnesota, and they have to derive all their knowledge about our civilization from it. They conclude that we were really into genetic engineering, because a Disney company had produced smart mice and dogs. And Taylor Swift was some kind of goddess. smile

I'm not prone to paranoia, really. But it just seems a lot of "the cloud is gonna be perfect!" people remind of real estate people in 2007 who said "the real estate market will just keep going up and up! It'll never crash!" What happens when blockchain crooks have planted malware on every smart phone out there to mine cypto-currencies? What's happening right now with malware.spyware/ransomware is frightening.

But hey, I'm not going to worry. I have a nice vacation booked on the Titanic! It's a really cool ship, and it's totally unsinkable smile