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My concern with that is by the time you've added another monitor, more external storage, and a hub for the things that won't run with a tablet, you'll end up with something like this.

I guess at some points tablets could be powerful enough, with enough RAM and expansion ports to be able to do things like video editing and complex music production. But since those are the needs of the average consumer, I wouldn't hold my breath. More likely we'll see more machines like the upcoming Mac Pro - high performance and big bucks.

I am just babbling at the moment but I've been following tech stocks for a many years. There are incredible things happening and we only hear a peep here and there. For example, Nvdia is working on a a robot that uses AI and "learns" how to perform a task by watching a human perform that task.

I wonder if we are really limited to binary computations? What if somebody figures out how to write code in Base 10 and can render complex computations with far fewer processes? Are we not well past the point that basic laptops, desktops and tablets should only need one or two integrated chips?

Maybe the "Smart House" of the future has one wirelessly connected CPU with umpty bajillion gigs of RAM that can be utilized in various ways as needed.

There is so much competition and so many incredibly smart people competing that I can't imagine things becoming more cumbersome.
A touch screen monitor projected on your white desk by an all in one computer lamp that collapses into a pocked sized goodie?

A cable free studio? A 3d mic that is configured by settings in your software and sounds like anything and everything?
None of these sorts of innovations seem out of reach to me. I really don't see recording being segregated from other processing, somebody will write the code and it's a done deal.

There is never enough time to be in a hurry...