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There is no doubt we will see many changes and the frequency of change will increase as time goes on.

I think tablets will become the cutting edge for recording, perhaps an interface that wirelessly connects?

My concern with that is by the time you've added another monitor, more external storage, and a hub for the things that won't run with a tablet, you'll end up with something like this.

I guess at some points tablets could be powerful enough, with enough RAM and expansion ports to be able to do things like video editing and complex music production. But since those aren't the needs of the average consumer, I wouldn't hold my breath. More likely we'll see more machines like the upcoming Mac Pro - high performance and big bucks.

For all the changes, some things have not changed much. Microphones and audio cables come to mind...

True, mechanical stuff doesn't change much. I haven't seen many addition to the periodic table lately smile Well, except for unobtainium.

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