It wasn't that long ago that tape recording was it. Period. Now, tape recording is for the same kind of people who tinker with a 1956 Thunderbird car on weekends.

With Apple moving toward an even more closed system and a pursuit of services, and Windows wanting Azure to be like Amazon...well, I sure can't do a lot of recording on Apple Music or Amazon's servers.

I can see a few possible doomsday outcomes...

* People hack computers that weren't really designed for recording to do recording.
* Linux-based PCs become "the computer for the rest of us" by fulfilling needs not served by Apple and Microsoft.
* A company like Yamaha or Native Instruments creates a computer designed solely for music...maybe something like an embedded system, and it gets support from other manufacturers for peripherals and software.

But I think it's a possibility that the golden age of pro audio riding on the coattails of consumer-oriented computers may be in its twilight years.