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@DBM - My respect, brother! I'd long ago backed away from using my computer as my recording rig, watching buddies try to keep up with each and every software, firmware and accompanying hardware upgrade. I knew I couldn't afford it, so I went with a Roland HDR, added a small auxiliary box a few years back, and make do with what I have.

Thanks bro. I do not mind the set up issues it will take me a day to do that. I am using old software, and am spending zero bucks. just trying to get some ideas on for new recording projects. I have just about got the new laptop up and running, perhaps tomorrow. Once that is done I will do some major uninstalling on this computer (the desktop destined for DAW work). I have been doing digital recording via computer since the late 90's, so I am well versed in how to use that old software to the fullest.

I started out on analog gear, I once had an Otari 16 track 30 ips machine and an Otari Half Track 30 ips machine with a TAC Scorpion 24x16 Console. I ran them with a Macintosh plus computer and locked the whole schlemiel together with SMPTE time code. So I was in on the whole digital recording process from day 1, using MIDI only sequencers, editing programs for the Synths and samplers, and a host of MIDI capable outboard gear.

My Windows DAW with a small amount of software out does that analog stuff by far for ease of recording, and ease of editing and mixing. A project that would take me days on the analog gear, I can get done in an afternoon with a computer based DAW.

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