I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. No local over-air TV, no cable. I hardly ever watch Amazon Prime because the user experience sucks - bad UI, some programs are free, some aren't, some you download, some you stream...

In August, a notice appeared on my Sony set top box (which I got mostly to play Blu-Rays): Starting August 14, Hulu would no longer be available. Okay, so I had to open it from my web browser and go through Chromecast...not a big deal.

Now Disney (who I believe owns Hulu) is getting into the act and so is Apple, although with iTunes, I always felt Apple was a player. There have been a ton of articles about how the Netflix boom is over because they raised rates and because of the burgeoning competition. Netflix thinks investing bazillions in original content is the answer (I don't agree). But they're so established they'll make changes and stick around.

I can't imagine all these services surviving. People just aren't going to spend the money to get all of it. And it's going to be frustrating as hell, because each one will have stuff you want to see, but mostly, stuff you don't care about.

So here's what I think is going to happen over time: Production houses are going to go direct to consumer, and eventually, bypass movie theaters and streaming services. It's happening in the music business for products - you can buy direct from Fender or JBL, you're not restricted to getting stuff from Guitar Center or Sweetwater any more. I could see Lionsgate or Bad Robot, for example, having a web site with a list of their movies and you do pay-per-view. They get to keep all the money - no distributors - and maybe they sign a deal to let Apple have their movies for a couple months to build momentum.

But who knows? Do you? What services do you subscribe to? Where is this all going...

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