Picks can be controlled, I use a 2mm Dunlop Gator. That is very thick. It has taken some slogging it out in the trenches (Paid Practice Program!!!) but I've gotten to the point that I can play lead and accompaniment simply by adjusting the force of the pick strike. This makes me happy, the last thing I want to do when I am in "The Zone" playing music is deal with knobs and such!

I am certain you've noticed that with some tempered scale plugins, even a slight accidental (or habitual!) stretch of a note will cause a glitch.
We've all noticed that some of our strings go sharper than others briefly when using an electronic tuner. The strike force is a factor, it is faster to tune a guitar with a gentle picking action than with a vigorous one.

So subtle changes can cause glitches. Some of the pitch artifacts caused by magnetic fields are subtle enough to go unnoticed (or be tolerated) by our ears but pitch detection devices can be adjusted to fine tolerances that do not abide variation. A MIDI keyboard can be tuned to work in ths realm, a string is another matter entirely.

The ultimate guitar for using a TriplePlay would not have any other pickups on it, possible exception being saddle pickups.
It would also be a non-resonant structure along the string path.

We can't get there with our beloved axes but we can get "close enough"!!!!!

There is never enough time to be in a hurry...