I'm not a thunder user, but I know some about the PC chips and the problems with achieving high bandwidth and low latency. It's a bit like how are you going to use 10Gigabit ethernet if achieving 100MByte/sec over a Gb connection already sends one of your thread processors to over half it's maximum load.

In music applications, you want fast responses but thunderbolt requires certain video abilities, and combined low latency / high bandwidth protocols which even on more pro OSes like Mac's Unix and Linux simply ask a lot from the software kernel, so it pays to wonder why ou believe your audio or midi interface must be TB: even a hundred tracks of 24 bit stereo 96kHz studio quality equals about 2x3x100x96000 = ~55MegaByte/sec, for which a USB2 connection could (just) suffice. It looks like it's interesting for some reason, but is it really technically superior?