The days are numbered for my beloved cheese grater desktop Mac, which is now as endangered a species as the snow leopard for which its operating system is named. I could likely hack it to run 64-bit software, but the odds of it running Catalina are probably remote, and most of the software that's on it is "obsolete" anyway. (Well not really, the software and computer still work fine. Maybe a more apt description is "abandoned, and left on the sidewalk to die.")

My circa 2012 MacBook Pro is still great, and will still run Catalina. But to me, a laptop isn't a studio computer. And the new MacBook Pros suck, so I'm going to keep running this one as long as I can.

I don't want an all-in-one, and can't afford the new Mac Pro desktop. (Besides, if I was going to spend that much money, I'd get a tricked-out Windows machine that could probably do interstellar time travel.) So that leaves a Mac Mini. Its base price is inexpensive, although expanding it to pro standards isn't cheap...but it's a lot less than a Mac Pro.

So, is anyone out there using a Mac Mini for music production? How much did you expand it? Are you happy with your decision? Any words of wisdom for someone who's thinking of taking the plunge?