When I first started using Windows 7, which, except for one computer I set up with Win7 to review MODO Bass, I've been using for less than a year now, I set up the official Microsoft virtual XP to run Lotus and Office 2000 because they wouldn't install under Win 7. That worked out OK, but when I started upgrading other computers, I fiddled around with the installation of those two programs and made them work under Win 7 just fine. I do recognize, though, that you need to run loads of plug-ins, both for your writing gigs and your own music, but around here, analog processing and EQ, dynamics, and effects built into the DAW programs I use are completely adequate.

I was recently able to retire the DOS computer (DOS 3.1!) that was running the Audio Precision software, and good riddance to that one - it worked fine but it was HUGE and took up too much space. The AP box that I have talks to the computer through a special card and cable, and the only version of the card that will support my AP unit needs an ISA motherboard slot and, other than new motherboards that cost a lot of money (for people who have old hardware) that's been obsolete for years. I can remember that my first computers had ISA slots, now the newer ones don't even have PCI slots. A Win98 driver for the computer's parallel port (something else nearing extinction) and a special cable allows me to use a much more compact computer and run the Windows version of the AP program.

Corel may have bought Lotus. I can't remember. But Lotus brought the original "Look and feel" lawsuit against Computer Associates when CA came out with SuperCalc. I think Corel bought Word Perfect. When I started using computers for office work, Word Perfect and SuperCalc were my preferred programs. Oh, and Harvard Project Manager. I'm pretty sure I still have floppy disks for all of those programs, just in case of the apocalypse.